Congratulations to all winners so far!

First of all we want to thank everyone who participated in our feedback survey. Thank you for all the comments we received so far on LUX:plorations Volume 1. Reading them is a joy for everyone who was involved in the production of the science comics. And it also helps us tailor the comics more to what is interesting for our readers.

At the end of the survey, everyone could also sign up for the lotteries we organized. All winners have been contacted and received their prices. Two of them even send us pictures. We hope you enjoyed them!

  • Laura N. won a signed copy of Fortifications
  • Gregor W. won a personalized portrait drawn by Valérie Minelli
  • Elena B. also won a signed copy of Fortifications
  • Derek L. won the signed sketch of Zamara by Andy Genen

You also want to win something?

Consider taking our anonymous feedback survey and dropping your name into the drawing pot (You will be redirected at the very end to a separate form, where you can drop your name!). Everyone who does so until 8 August 2021 has a chance to win one of those prizes: