LUX:plorations is a project of DESCOM from the University of Luxembourg. Its aim is to inform the public about science and research from Luxembourg in an entertaining way. At the same time it strengthens the science communication skills of the scientists involved.
It all started with the first science comic that has been published by DESCOM with the title “Through the Looking Glass“. Under the lead of Bruno Teheux, 24 young scientists and french comic artists from Agence9 developed seven short stories, which have been successfully distributed in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. More than 8000 copies later, a new idea was born: Wouldn’t it be great if local scientists would also work together with local comic artists?


Under the motto “Science meets Art”, Serge Haan started recruiting interested artists, Oliver Glassl secured the necessary budget and Nicole Paschek searched for comic experts to join the team. She found them in the former comic editor Jessica Burton and the visual storyteller Veronika Mischitz. Together with Bruno Teheux the organizational team was now complete and started developing a science comic workshop for the scientists involved as well as structuring the timeline for the seven month long production of the comics.
From the total pool of eleven Luxembourgish comic artists, five were brave enough to work on Volume 1: Marion Dengler, Andy Genen, Antoine Grimée, Sabrina Kaufmann and Valérie Minelli. Pascale Velleine, Ingo Schandeler, Jean-Louis Schlesser, Robert Soisson, Carlo Schneider, Snejana Granatkina and Vincent Biwer will be drawing the next editions of the science comics. Stay tuned!